This is Us

Hello there!  We are the Poyner family.  Matt, Lindsay, Owen, Jake, Ben and Eli.  We hail from Ontario, Canada.  This is a picture of us in November of 2017, about a month after we decided to backpack around the world for a year.  Our boys had never even been on a plane.  Things were about to get crazy . . .

Our plans to rent our house and take a “gap year” turned into selling everything and traveling for several years.   We sold our house, our cars, most of what we owned and departed in July 2018 with everything we needed in our carry-on size backpacks.

Our goal is simple:  to learn as much as we can about the world – together.  Along the way we enjoy writing on this blog, making videos on YouTube, and posting fun stuff on Instagram and Facebook.

So far, these are the countries we have been to:



Northern Ireland

The Czech Republic