Our story

We are the Poyner family – Matt, Lindsay, Owen, Jake, Ben, and Eli  . . . aside from being a big family – at least by our standards – we’re a pretty normal family from a pretty normal country called Canada.  Matt worked as an ER doctor, Lindsay took care of everything else, and the boys went to school (reluctantly).

Don’t get us wrong – life was good in our little corner of the planet.  We had a house and two cars and all the usual stuff – but over time we realized how limited that experience was.  Our world was too small.

Hence, Big Family Small World.

So together we decided to try something radical.  We sold our house and our cars and most of our stuff and filled six backpacks with the things we would need to travel around the world as a family.

We’re not rich and we’re certainly not experienced travelers, but we have each other, a sense of adventure and a conviction that the world has a lot to teach us if we’re willing to take a little risk and put ourselves out there.

So, welcome to our blog.  We’re happy you’re here because the only thing better than traveling as a big family is traveling as an even bigger family with you.