The Dark Hedges (by Ben)

The Dark Hedges are trees that formed together to create a tunnel.  It is in Northern Ireland.

How old is the Dark Hedges?

The Dark Hedges are about 250 years old!

What type of trees are there in the Dark Hedges?

The type of trees in the Dark Hedges are beech trees.

Other facts:

Did you know that the trees in the Dark Hedges were planted in the 18th century?  Another fact is that there are over 150 trees in the Dark Hedges.  The trees were planted to impress people who were coming to the Stuart family’s mansion which is now the Dark Hedges Hotel.

The Dark Hedges have even developed a ghost story about a Grey Lady who floats up and down the lane.

Did you know that Game of Thrones was filmed in the Dark Hedges?