The Garden Magpie (by Jake)


I decided to research the garden Magpie because I am seeing them everywhere in Ireland but i’ve never seen one in Canada.


-Garden Magpies can reach up to 16-18 inches long

-They usually weigh 7-9 ounces

Physical Description:

-Garden Magpies are mainly black and white birds, but the males have a cool green blue colour on the tips of its wings and the chest area

-They also have long pointed beaks and short rounded wings

-They also have wedge shaped tails


-The garden magpie lives all across Europe

-They nest in trees, but if there are no trees they nest on the ground


-Magpies are omnivores

-The Garden Magpies eat mainly plants like berries and grains in the winter months

-Their summer diet is made up of bugs such as beetles, flies, caterpillars,  spiders, worms and leatherjackets (which are crane fly larva)

-During the spring Magpies eat rodents, chicks and sometimes eggs from other birds

-In breeding season (autumn) the Garden Magpie takes eggs and newborn babies from other mates to feed to their new family


-The main predators of The Garden Magpie are cats, dogs and birds of prey such as the goshawk

Random Facts:

-Did you know that garden Magpies are considered pests because they destroy gardens and crop

-A group of Magpies is called a parliament

-Magpies can survive approximately five years

-A Magpie is a sedentary bird which means for its whole life it stays in a mile radius of where it was born in

-Magpies are very intelligent, they are so intelligent that they can recognize themselves if they were to look in a mirror, only three other animals can do that which are apes, the Asian elephant and the bottlenose dolphin

-Magpies like to steal shiny objects like coins and jewelry, so if you live in Ireland and you left your necklace outside you better watch out😊