Our thoughts and fears

Are we crazy for planning a trip around the world with four young boys? Maybe.

Is it possible to have a life well-lived without doing a few things that seem crazy at the time?  I don’t think so.

Still, even if we’re crazy we can try to be smart.  In this video we talk about what we’re excited about and what we’re most afraid of.  Because it would be crazy to think it’ll all be smooth sailing.

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  1. So inspirational!!!! And enviable! I’ll be following this for sure. For context, Krista’s friend Rod is married to my sister Natasha! Our family escaped to South America with CONSIDERABLY larger backpacks for only 3 months… giving you mad props for this. Will be watching all your adventures and I wish you the best!

    1. Thanks, Sam! Sorry it took us so long to reply – didn’t figure out where the comments were til now! I remember Rod from our years in BC – please send our best.

      South America is definitely on our list – especially Macho Picchu – but our thoughts are currently to travel west to east, so it will likely not be for a while. Still, any travel tips for that continent would be appreciated!

    1. Thank you, Helen – we will be keeping it open and honest so stay tuned for all our mistakes along the way!

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