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Here you will find some content created by the boys as we travel.  Research projects, reflections, stories . . . who knows what will land here?!

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Three months of family travel - the kids report!

Three months of family travel – the kids report!

A quarter of a year, three months, eights countries, and twenty-one temporary homes.  Time for an update. You guys hear from me often enough.  Linds promises to do her own blog post again soon (she’s doing great).   We know you’re […]

The Dark Hedges (by Ben)

The Dark Hedges (by Ben)

The Dark Hedges are trees that formed together to create a tunnel.  It is in Northern Ireland. How old is the Dark Hedges? The Dark Hedges are about 250 years old! What type of trees are there in the Dark […]

The Garden Magpie (by Jake)

The Garden Magpie (by Jake)

Introduction: I decided to research the garden Magpie because I am seeing them everywhere in Ireland but i’ve never seen one in Canada. Size: -Garden Magpies can reach up to 16-18 inches long -They usually weigh 7-9 ounces Physical Description: […]

The Giant's Causeway (by Owen)

The Giant’s Causeway (by Owen)

Today me and my family went to the giant’s causeway and it was the coolest thing so far on our trip. Read on to see what we did. It was a long walk to the causeway but it certainly paid […]