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Here you will find some content created by the boys as we travel.  Research projects, reflections, stories . . . who knows what will land here?!

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Eli's six-month check-up

Eli’s six-month check-up

How do I feel about traveling? I want to keep on traveling until we can get a sailboat. Why do I want a sailboat? I want a sailboat because we would have a home base. And it’s tiring carrying my […]

Three months of family travel - the kids report!

Three months of family travel – the kids report!

A quarter of a year, three months, eights countries, and twenty-one temporary homes.  Time for an update. You guys hear from me often enough.  Linds promises to do her own blog post again soon (she’s doing great).   We know you’re […]

The Dark Hedges (by Ben)

The Dark Hedges (by Ben)

The Dark Hedges are trees that formed together to create a tunnel.  It is in Northern Ireland. How old is the Dark Hedges? The Dark Hedges are about 250 years old! What type of trees are there in the Dark […]

The Garden Magpie (by Jake)

The Garden Magpie (by Jake)

Introduction: I decided to research the garden Magpie because I am seeing them everywhere in Ireland but i’ve never seen one in Canada. Size: -Garden Magpies can reach up to 16-18 inches long -They usually weigh 7-9 ounces Physical Description: […]